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Mitch Hobbs

Mitch Hobbs

-What is the name of your character?
Well, I’m the Brown Bayman. The backstory is I was a construction worker, long, hard, twelve hour shifts and I enjoyed the scattered beer after my shift. I had this really, really cold day about eight months ago and I was freezing my balls off on the construction site. So when I got home for my scattered beer that night I figured I’d warm it up by putting it in the microwave. So I put the beer in the microwave and little did I know it actually made the Black Horse radioactive. I drank the radioactive Black Horse and geez, I had this old pain in my guts, eh. I figured, ‘no big deal, I’ll just go on to bed and I’ll wake up and it’ll all be past the next day and I’ll go on to work’. Long story short I woke up the next morning and I had my rubber boots on and the inclination to wink and nod at everybody I see and the Brown Bayman was born.

-What is his power?
Some say, by’e, I was raised by cod fish. Rumor has it I’ve only flipped my big red once. I live on Jig’s dinner and Black Horse and I can jump a quart of wood in a single bound, smoke a pack a cigarettes in one single draw and ‘Buddy, hide your daughter, jesus, hide me cousin’.

-Why did you decide to do such a specifically Newfoundland character?
I would say you got to do what you know. There’s a thousand people out there, for the comic cons and stuff like that, they want to be DC, they want to be Marvel. What’s their roots? Why not be your own? I was raised to be my own. I wasn’t raised to be one of anybody else’s anything. If I wanted to I’d make my own. If we went sliding I’d make me own sled. To this day I build my own guitars. It just kind of carries over. It’s the Newfoundland traditional way that when something’s broke you don’t throw it out. You fix it. You fix it or you repurpose it. I encourage everyone to go out and do their own thing. It wouldn’t bother me if I woke up tomorrow and there was a million Brown Baymans out there. Guy Fawkes wasn’t expecting to be the spearhead of the hacker now was he?

-You’re hoping to be the spearhead of something?
Not necessarily, unless it is the Newfoundland Republican movement.