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Amaryllis Lister

Amaryllis Lister

-Who have you chosen to dress up as today?
I’ve chosen to do my own take on Poison Ivy. Something a little bit more fun. It’s a little bit more elobrate, especially with the skirt part. I usually have real leaves glued to myself. I really relate to her nature-wise. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve wanted to run away and live in the forest. I have always been into nature; a little too into nature sometimes. Her whole love of nature and her motherly nature to Harley Quinn.I’ve got the nature thing; I absolutely adore the woods. I wouldn’t be able to move away from Newfoundland and then I have the thing where I’m always looking out for my friend who’s very much like a Harley Quinn.

-What do you mean ‘ a little too into nature’?
When I was a child I was really into learning survival skills. I even did survival camps and I was always making lean-tos when I was six. All I wanted to ever do was just go out in the woods and make my own stuff; survive completely off the land including learning to hunt. I feel completely at home in the woods. It feels natural to me. I lived in Toronto for over two years and it was the worst because I wasn't able to get to nature at all ever. When I came home I realized how much I loved this province and how I'd never be able to live anywhere else