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Beth Fagan

Beth Fagan

-What is your character’s name?
The Electric Siren...A Siren is known as a mermaid, or they often come in that form, but what they really do is they hypnotize people and put them in a trance and entrance them to come towards them and open themselves up to them and that way you kind of have control over people. They use their voice to control others... I love the idea of them asserting control without force. I think that's a key thing to me because it seems like they're very non-violent for the most part until... you know, sucking the life out of you.

-How many victims?
Oh, countless, she needs victims everyday. She goes out for victims every night.

-We should be weary of her here in St.John's...
Yes, if you get near the ocean then you just might hear her calling you. And if you hear your name being called do not, do not follow the voice.

-Can you get away from a Siren?
If you heard your name once and you knew what it was then you could have some control over yourself but if you've heard it more than once then you would definitely not have a choice.

-Why did you choose to be a villain?
When I looking at this project I could be good or I could be evil and I think in my day to day life I am a very good person, I'm not perfect but I'm a good person, but its kind of fun to dress up and be quote on quote "evil" to a certain degree without any sort of consequence. I like the idea of getting to be bad for once.