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Samantha Payne

Samantha Payne

Samantha Payne

Your costume?
Steampunk Batgirl

Why do you like Batgirl?
Well, I love Batman but of course he’s a boy so… Batgirl’s cooler because she’s Batman but a girl and girls are way better.

Do you like her style?
Well, this is actually inspired by the 1960’s Batgirl. I love the old Adam West 1960’s Batman. Classic. Love it. And of course, Barbara Gordon, loved her character but just full body spandex wasn’t really doing it for me. I was like ‘if I could do that with a skirt…’ and I was like ‘Hang on,’ if I could steampunk it then I could do a corset and a skirt both of which are very flattering. And I’m like ‘ I can rock this!’

Do you cosplay a lot?
I love doing it. I’m not the greatest at it. But at Sci-Fi on the Rock every year I’ve gone in costume and I’ve gone for the last couple of years now so. I’ve been in the costume contest the last four years I think.

What draws you to the idea of super heroes?
Besides that they’re awesome? I love heroes in general. I like heroes. I like to be the good guy. I enjoy that aspect. Like Superman is probably one of my favorite superheroes in terms of his personality and just the way he treats people. Like he’s the penultimate hero and I love that about him. He would take a hit to stop someone else from getting a hit even if it meant losing the fight. It doesn’t matter, other people are more important than himself.

Do you try to emulate that?
I’m not very good at it but I would like to think so. Like every person you’re going to be selfish sometimes but I would like to be more like that.