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Nick LeBlanc

Nick LeBlanc

Nick LeBlanc

-Why did you choose Gambit?
Well, I don’t know how much you know about Acadians, from the Maritimes. I’m from New Brunswick. Most Acadians now are from New Brunswick but originally they were from Nova Scotia. So Cajuns, who are in Louisana, are also Acadians and they were brought there by deportations. You know that the name Cajun is a shorten version of Acadian, you just drop the ‘A’ and you have Cajun. I just always thought it was interesting that there was an Acadian super hero. There’s not a lot of French super heroes.

-Do you like his powers?
I do like his powers. As a kid that was mostly the reason, I thought he looked cool, he had a trench coat, he threw things that exploded but then as I got old I kind of learned more about his back story. That’s kind of when I started really liking Gambit character.

-Can you explain his power?
Basically he charges, he has kenetic energy. When he touches an object he can charge it with energy and then when he throws it, it explodes. He just uses cards because they’re easy to carry. He can do it with anything, he’s even spit in someone’s face and it khaaa- exploded.

-What super power would you have?
It would probably be something different. Like telepathy or telekinesis. It would be interesting to know what people are thinking but maybe that would be too much information at the same time. I’m a teacher, I have a background in teaching, substitute teaching, sometimes some kid does something and you want to know the cause of it